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Kasama Archdiocese

Other Activities

Parishes In the Archdiocese

Formerly that is up to the year 2000 the Archdiocese had only 19 Parishes but having taken 4 (four) parishes from the present Mpika Diocese (Northern Deanery). There are now 23 Parishes with resident Priests.


Our pastoral programmes are first and foremost centered on the agents of evangelization that is: promotion of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Formation of the laity, also receives special attention. This has been very clearly articulated in our diocesan synod Programme. Preparations for this synod started in 2003 and will be completed towards the end of 2004. Our focus in this synod is to enable our Christians become aware that they are the people of God and that each Christian can and has, according to his /her abilities to contribute to the needs and building of the local community and the local church.

In the last ten years, the Archdiocese had its theme and emphasis towards (SELF-RELIANCE) as one of the pastoral priorities and vision. Guidelines were printed; seminars, workshops and conferences have been done. Helpful results have been achieved, however with a lot of bottlenecks. Up to now we are still searching for ways and means of being self-supporting. We do realize that fruitful and effective evangelization entails proper education, adequate formation and training

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