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Kasama Archdiocese

Lay Movements

The Catholic church caters for the spiritual needs of many Christian through Lay Movements. These have become as the major  instruments for evengelization and renew for many Christians.

Lay Apostolate Chaplain: Fr. Kennedy Seketa attends to the needs of all lay organisations in the diocese. The helps them to organise diocesan and deanary meetings. Priests in each parish work as chaplains to the movements they have in their parish.

Youth Chaplain: The diocesan Youth Chaplain takes care of  all youth movements such us Xaverians, Altar Boys Club, Jufra, Young Legio, Carym, Choir etc.  He fulfills his abligation through working closes with Youth Chaplains in Parishes

Sports Clubs: Newly each Parish has teams for Soccer, Volleyball and netball. Parishes are encouraged to organise activities which can attract more youth.

Behaviour Change Programme: For a number of years the Archdiocese has been active in awareness programmes against HIV/Aids. There are volunteers in each parish who spearhead this programme.

Check our calendar page for listings of events.

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